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How To Move Past Rejection

November 20, 2011
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How To Move Past Rejection

Have you been betrayed, abandoned, misunderstood, judged or labeled by someone close to you? We have all felt the sting of rejection but we cannot allow it to define us.

Do you allow rejection to affect your basic self worth? When you are not appreciated, understood, or accepted, do you accept others definition of you as correct? Do you feel you are less valuable because you have not measured up to other people’s expectations and standards?

When you embrace your negative life experiences and allow them to direct your thinking patterns they produce core beliefs that direct your path.  These beliefs then produce your emotions, speech, life and relationship skills and thus affect your life.

People may let you down, betray you, abandon you, and think poorly of you. Yet, you can’t allow anyone but God to label or define you and God does not define you by your failures, your past, or your behaviors. Regardless of your weaknesses and flaws you are valuable, loveable, and cherished by God.

So how then can you agree with rejection that says you are not good enough? The battle is in your mind. You should not receive the opinions of those who reject you and allow them to define your personal identity. God has nothing but good to say about you, flaws and all. It is this identity that you should receive as your own. When you receive your true identity a transformation process begins and day by day your thinking and choices are reflected by this healthy identity.

No matter what you may have experienced, you CAN overcome the pain of rejection. To get more information be sure to visit Christian Counseling Jacksonville FL.

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