Has Someone Close To You Ever Betrayed Your Trust?

November 4, 2011
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Has Someone Close To You Ever Betrayed Your Trust?

Often it is from the people closest to you, people in your inner circle. Which can leave you feeling alone, isolated, and distrustful, if you allow it.

Have you had a similar experience where you gave of yourself and all you received in return was pain? You are not alone! If you wall yourself off to self protect, the walls that you erect will lock you in solitary confinement. These walls will perpetuate the cycle where your needs will not be met.

Jesus experienced rejection on every level, by the church leaders, His friends, family, the community, and even the disciples who were the recipients of His time, attention, and teachings. Trusting God requires you to release control and the urge to self protect. However, you play a vital part. You have to choose to learn the tools necessary to operate in wisdom. By applying biblical life skills you can identify red flags, set boundaries, have healthy confrontation, communication, and conflict resolution skills. These are all godly tools to help protect you. That is your part and God does the rest.

For more tools and training to help you overcome: Rejection, Poor Identity, Destructive Relationship Patterns, Emotional Abuse, Victim Mentality and many more, look for our upcoming webinars and resources on the following topics.

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