3 Keys that Define Your Road Map to Success

January 10, 2012
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3 Keys that Define Your Road Map to Success

Counseling knowledge, tools, and skills for life and success aren’t rocket science. Yet they are skills that most people need to learn, however, few are teaching these skills well. What seems common sense and natural to me, may not to you, but not everything comes easy to me; just like you, there are things I need to be taught. There are skills that come naturally to my husband or some of my friends that I have to work hard to learn.

For example, “my smarter than me phone” and computer technologies. I never cease to be amazed when I can’t figure something out on my phone and my husband picks it up, plays with it, and solves the problem in two minutes flat; or my network on the computer is down and a couple of clicks and he fixes it.

We all have our natural strengths that take little effort, and then we have the areas that we must learn. When I teach you in a clear and concise manor how to navigate through your thinking, relationships, and life challenges you can run with it. I hand you the tools, stay beside you until you develop the skills, and then you can take the keys and open the doors to succeed in every area of your life and relationships.

I am a firm believer that counseling isn’t supposed to be a lifelong or extended event. It should just be a season to teach you the main tools and skills that you may not have learned at home or in school. There is no standard length of time because it is based on where you are starting from in the process. These skills should have been taught with the 3 R’s (reading, writing, and arithmetic) in elementary school… but they weren’t.

Solutions and success comes when you learn the 3 Keys to gain knowledge, tools, and skills which can be applied to all areas of your life:

  1. Identify and transform your thinking skills

Your life experiences have produced messages and formed your thinking patterns, beliefs, and expectations. Some of these patterns are faulty and distorted and affect emotions, the way that you speak, your behaviors and choices, and the way that you respond in relationships. When you identify and transform your core beliefs, you can affect positive improvement in every area of your life.

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2

  1. Understand the design of your soul or your temperament and discover how it affects your thinking and life skills and apply skills to complement your strengths and weakness.

This is not your personality; this is the design of your soul and your specific tendencies. It helps you to understand yourself, and your family, and interact with others more effectively. You gain an understanding of your unique design and level of needs for attention, affection, alone time, people interaction, etc.

You have certain tendencies of how you handle roles, responsibilities, and decision making. You also have designed tendencies of your natural way of processing information, whether you easily feel shame, your natural way of communicating, your desire to be in control, and much more. Your design affects how you interact with your environment, and relationships. When you understand your tendencies, specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses you are empowered with important information.

  1. Recognize how your thinking has formed your daily life and relationship skills and correct them where needed

When you understand how your beliefs have developed through your experiences, and you understand the design of your soul, you can truly see yourself in a clearer way and recognize what life skills you have adopted both positive and negative. When you tear down the faulty beliefs and distortions, you make different behavioral choices and improve your life and relationship skills in every area that is needed. Everything you use to navigate through life is a life skill. All life skills can be improved whether it is your communication, coping, conflict resolution, boundaries, or assertive skills.

Once you have mastered the 3 Keys, you have these skills for life. You are empowered to find solutions in every situation. There are many tools that I teach to help you navigate through these 3 Keys and develop the skills you need to find solutions. When you have these keys tucked away in your toolbox you can face anything and overcome.

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